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You can read part 1 of this saga here

Annabelle stayed at the hospital overnight Sunday where they administered fluids, steroids, and an immune suppressant medicine to keep her immune system from destroying the red blood cells.  Monday morning I picked her up and transported her to her regular vet.  Overnight her red blood cell count had slightly improved, going from 20 to 23.  They kept her there all day and I picked her up around 5:00. She was still lethargic and didn’t have much of an appetite.  I guess it will take a while for her to get her strength and appetite back.

Tuesday morning (April 21, 2009) I took her back to the vet so they could recheck her red blood cell count and administer some more fluids.  When I picked her up they said her blood cell count was great, it was 33!  She even ate a small breakfast and a snack of chicken breast and some canned prescription food for upset stomachs.  However yesterday afternoon and dinnertime was a different story.  She would only eat a few bites of food, plus she did not move her bowels all day long.  I called the vet back to see if this was a problem.  Dr. Bridges was concerned that her appetite seemed to decrease and asked if I could bring her back in Wed. morning to have her blood count checked again.

Today is Wed.  Annabelle actually got up with me this morning and followed me around a little bit!  I could not believe my eyes!  She wasn’t all that interested in her breakfast and would only eat the chicken breast and not the canned food.  Right now she’s at the vet where they are checking her blood count again.  Dr. Bridges thinks that as long as her red blood cell count is the same or higher then Annabelle should recover from this episode.  However, if this anemic disease was caused by Annabelle’s cushings disease (which most likely it was), then it will probably re-occur.  She said some dogs will be good for a couple months, some may even been good for a year.  Only time will tell I guess.

***  Edited to add that Annabelle just got home from the vet (Wednesday).  Her red blood cell count went down a little bit- to 28 or 29.  Her white blood cell count is still elevated.  They sent her home with 3 more medicines, 2 to help calm her belly and 1 antibiotic.  This sucks.


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A few months ago we learned that my dog Annabelle was suffering from bladder stones.  She had been getting multiple bladder infections and they took some x-rays to find out what may be causing them.  Much to our dismay, she had many stones in her bladder that were causing the infections.  The vet gave us two options to help get rid of the stones.  #1 was surgery, which would cost approximately $800.  #2 was a very strict dog canned dog food that would keep the PH in her urine at a level that may help the stones dissolve and then be excreted.  The vet said that the dog food very rarely works and had a success rate of about 50%.  We chose option #2.

A few months after being on the strict diet, Annabelle went back for more x-rays to see if the stones were dissolving.  Much to everyone’s surprise they were all GONE!!!!!  The vet could not believe her eyes; they hardly ever see the food be able to dissolve and get rid of the stones.  Annabelle is still recovering from another bladder infection, and will always have to eat prescription dog food for the rest of her life, but we’re so glad that she didn’t have to have surgery! 

In case you are looking for a vet in Stark County please check out Elm Ridge Animal Hospital on Portage in Canal Fulton.  They truly do look out for your animals best interest and care about the animals!  I found them by dialing the wrong number one day while I was attempting to reach the dogs current vet.  The receptionist was so nice that I called back and scheduled the appt. there. 

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Well, this week has just completely flown by.  I thought I’d take a minute to highlight a few of my favorite and unfavorite moments with you.

For a few weeks now I have been patiently waiting for the white stuff to fall.  Usually we get at least one good snow before December.  Well, it finally came!  What a beautiful start to the holiday season!


 Yesterday I took the dogs for some much needed grooming.  They are now shivering outside in the cold air because their hair is so short. 

I know… I really need to fix their eyes in the picture, but I haven’t had time to sit at the computer long enough yet. 

I got to have lunch with 2 friends this week which was a treat.  It seems like the older you get, the busier you get, and then before you know it you haven’t seen someone for 6 months. 

I just finished baking some chocolate chip cookies that I’m going to take to my open house this weekend.  It’s a new listing, for me anyway, so hopefully people will come!

And finally I noticed an evolution of dance video on another blogger’s webpage and it reminded me of our cruise earlier this year, where our cruise director did a similar act on the last night.  Check it out!

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